This Course Covers 9 Posing Installments.

01. Building A Foundation for Posing

02. How I talk to my clients to get such

emotional posing

03. How to ELEVATE your brand using posing

04. High Fashion Posing

05. Working with stiff couples

06. Working with a time crunch

07. How to get emotional posing from clients with a big height difference

08. How to pose curvy couples

09. Posing same sex couples

Hi, I'm Brandy!

I spent years perfecting my posing. Learning how to talk to my clients to get them to tap into a place of elegance and romance. My posing is my bread & butter to my business. I have created this course to teach you how I did it, how I turned my business around (booking my dream clients, selling out workshops, traveling the world) using POSING!